More About Janiah

Janiah is a singer at !RDJN!. She is a 12 year old Libra. In 2016 she auditioned for "Hit The Spot NYC!" and won. In 4th Grade she met Deasia and Rosanny and in 6th Grade met Nicole and since been making music together.

Biography Edit

Janiah was born in Manhattan, NY. She is a full Puerto Rican. When her parents separated she moved with her father in 4th Grae, Then in 5th Grade and Early 6th Grade she lived with her mom, And in 7th Grade she lives with her dad currently.

Trivia Edit

  • Janiah is the only full Puerto Rican in the band
  • Janiah is the only girl with the longest name.
  • Janiah's Countepart is Jannah Olivarez