More About Nicole

Nicole is the youngest member in !RDJN! She is a 12 year old Sagittarius who love to create beats and art. In 2016 she auditioned on the "Star or Far" and was the winner. In 2rd grade she met Rosanny and Deasia, In 6th grade she met Janiah. The girls have been creating music together ever since.

Biography Edit

Nicole was born in Brooklyn NY. She is half-Puerto Rican and Half- African American. Due to her father having an affair. He was not there while Nicole's mother Marisol was giving birth to her.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicole is the youngest and shortest in the group.
  • Nicole father wasn't in her life at all, so she grew up with a single parent.
  • Nicole is the only girl without the letter A in her first name.
  • Nicole's countepart is Nicolette Johanson